Do you want to sell your plants? Read this article

Useful tips for those who think about opening a business selling ornamental plants. Tips to attract more customers.

Ornamental plants for sale with good health


Many people have numerous plants in the garden with very good conditions and space. Some love them so much, that they want to devote their whole lives to them and even make farming a business. The main problem is that most people who aspire to open a business selling ornamental plants obviate many aspects. These could cause cessation in the business or the fall of this in a short time.

 In this article we share with you advice and fundamental aspects that you should know before opening a nursery or point of sale of ornamental plants. We also share some tips to attract more customers and cause them to return.

Things you must know before selling plants

– The first thing to do is to choose the group or groups of plants to which you are going to dedicate the sale (examples: Begonias, Cactus and crasas, ferns, malangas, fruit trees, mixed) to accommodate the growing conditions of your garden or land for these groups.

Personal collection of succulents in a nursery

– After arranging the land or garden, we recommend that you research the Internet, books or any other means, the main requirements (substrate, irrigation, lighting, when and with what fertilize, multiplication and reproduction, prevention against possible pests) that they need to that the plants grow optimally.

– Try to use recycled objects as pots to save a few dollars. Small plants can be planted temporarily in plastic bottles or soda cans. If you can create clay pots, concrete and plastic yourself, much better. If your pockets allow you to invest in ready-made pots, you can also buy them.

– If you have enough background money, buy quality substrate so that the plants grow strong and healthy. If the economic power is low, try to elaborate the substrates using the different components of the environment. Before developing the substrate should be instructed from some source of information to avoid errors.

– Prepare a work calendar in which they keep organized everything related to the day of irrigation, fertilization, fumigation against pests, planting, transplants, harvesting of fruits and seeds, among other aspects.

Intensive reproduction of Begonias by cuttings

– Multiply as many plants as you can in order to keep a high number of them and avoid selling them all too quickly and not support the demand.

– Learn more about manual pollination of plants to increase the collection of seeds and fruits. In addition to the possibility of obtaining more resistant hybrids.

– Buy seeds and quality plants so that the offspring are equally resistant and healthy.

How to increase the number of customers, make your point of sale more known and cause customers to return.

– It is essential to present the business on social networks to see your plants from different parts of the world. Create a Facebook page then increase your like and follower by going to, a profile on Twitter and Pinterest and if you have time to make videos, make a channel on YouTube. Social networks allow future customers from abroad.

Cactus multiplication


– Decorate in a striking and natural way the point of sale so that customers feel at ease.

– The treatment that clients should receive must be excellent.

– The plants must sell them with the best health conditions to win the trust of the buyers.

– Beware of the prices they give to plants. The price must be a sum between the size of the sample and the cultivation effort with offers of discounts for numerous purchases.

– Always have on display a small personal collection of well-developed plants in order to excite customers to buy.

– Give plants (although very common examples) to customers who buy, usually buy again.

Cactus and succulents for sale at a point of sale.

– Demonstrate to your clients the mastery of the knowledge you have about the plants for sale. It causes greater security at the time of purchase.

Any other aspect to take into account or advice to improve the business, share them with everyone in the comment box.