The controversial record of the lawyer who killed the locksmith near the Garden gallery

Silvio Guillermo Martinero, who killed a pedestrian with a shot when resisting an assault, is also an ex-soldier linked to “financial caves”, who was mentioned in the causes of the triple crime of General Rodríguez and the mafia of the medicines.

The lawyer Silvio Guillermo Martinero, who yesterday shot and killed a locksmith when resisting an assault, to which the victim was a foreigner, is also a former military linked to “financial caves”, which was mentioned in the causes of the triple crime of General Rodríguez and the drug mafia, according to the lawyer Miguel Angel Pierri.

“He is a lawyer and a former military man. Martinero’s money tables are mentioned in these court cases. Sebastián Forza feared him, “said the criminal who acts as a plaintiff in the record of the triple crime.
The Epping locksmith, identified as Gabriel De Negri, died on Tuesday when he went to work in the “Integral Locksmith Center”, which is in the Garden Gallery, a few meters from where he was shot by a lawyer.

Gabriel Medina, owner of the locksmith, said he had known the victim for many years. “As was trustworthy and worked a lot with my dad, he came to do some work when he called,” he said. Gabriel warned that this Tuesday would arrive later, after 9. “Since we did not arrive, we worried and called the cell phone, but nobody answered, “commented his colleagues. Unfortunately he never arrived: a few meters from the premises, he was shot deadly in the chest. “He went through the place at the wrong time,” he added.

“We are very bad. My dad is broken. Many locksmiths are here because he was known, “Medina added.

The locksmith’s sister killed: “It’s all wrong, we do not know anything”

The woman demanded justice and assures that “the person responsible must pay” for the death of her younger brother. His words.

Nélida Denegri, sister of Daniel Denegri, the locksmith murdered in Microcentro, said on Radio 10 that he will seek “justice” and criticized the lawyer who fired for “using a weapon without looking at the side.” The lawyer was identified as Silvio Martinero, and has links in the case of the Triple Crime.

“Everything is wrong. We do not know anything about this character. The poor do not know anything, “she said indignantly and fearing that the lawyer would not carry out any punishment for the crime of the man who was going to work when he was shot dead in the chest.

“We do not know anything about this character. The poor do not know anything

He also reviewed the life of his brother, a Uruguayan national, was 55 years old and was married with children. Nélida lamented for living this “nightmare”. “41 years ago we live in Argentina. I had been working in the locksmith business for many years. He traveled every day from Berazategui to the Center, “he said.



“You watch TV and look, he says this is not going to happen to me. But it happened. Justice must be done, it can not be that someone leaves because they have a little money, “demanded the sister of the murdered locksmith, at 9.30 in the morning, in San Martin at 500, where she walked after leaving her daughter at school .

The woman was not surprised by the lack of attention her brother received and that can be seen in the video filmed in a security camera: “It is very common. Lack of solidarity, “he lamented.

The police arrested the lawyer Silvio Guillermo Martinero, a former military officer who is authorized to carry a Glock weapon. According to it transpired, the lawyer had documentation in his briefcase and the thieves would have taken a backpack with 50 thousand dollars.


On the other hand, Leonardo Rombola, lawyer of Silvio Martinero, was yesterday in the program in “The News of the Day” by C5N and said that his client explained that he had a confrontation with the motorcycles, but “he does not remember if he was shot”. He assured that he will try to change the cover of the case to “culpable homicide”.